RAP is NOT music. It is just noise!!!

When I started this website I wanted it to be about more than just getting my company more work. I wanted it to lift peoples life’s. Make them laugh. Give them a smile. Let  them know where I stand on my faith in God. I’ve been a D.J. for over 40 years. I’ve seen many things in music. Many make me want to throw-up. Things that some call music. I just call trash. If you think that calling women a female dog, or like to talk about the white people you messed up with the drugs you sold, or think that shooting at our law officers is cool. Or as one of the old folks of crap music once put it  “I is a cop killer!” and by the way that same trash later went on to play a cop on television, the sale out. Then you may not get why I never want to and if I can never will, play that so called music.

When you have a rich millionaire, sitting back sipping chaplain, in his or her mansion. Then rapping about how bad life is. How much they had to do. Are you kidding me! Spit in a microphone, where it sounds like your farting. And call women female dogs. Try to bull shit people about how big your tinny dick is, (by the way it sounds like most of you are trying to over compensate for your short comings). How many white women you slept with (and if most accounts are right you did just sleep with them). How much you like to be stoned, ( I sure you were in the old biblical way). Then you don’t make music you make noise.

Look I may not be a fan of The Backstreet, or a big fan of Ariana Grande and by the way, she does have a wonderful singing voice. But there music does not put down, does not insult, does not disrespect, but in it’s way lifts up. That is what music is about. You see even when we were at war. And a war that most of our country felt we should not be in. Including many of the men who fought in the war. We did not call each other names like bitch, whore, slut, and some I will not use here. The told each other that if we work together we could and did have a brighter day. So let’s put away the harsh insults and work with each other to make our world better. I don’t claim to have all the answers. But we better find them and soon or our country and our world id lost for ever.

Just so you know who or what I’m talking about.

This is the cover of that trash. Look on the chest it says “Cop killer” I hope your mommy is so proud of you.

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