My New Up Date Page.

From now on all of my health and life updates will be here. This is so anyone who just wants to see how my health is doing will not have to look thru the site. Enjoy and God bless.

10/2/20 Let me start with sorry. Sorry I have not posted an update before now. About mid-summer, they found more cancer in my lungs. The same cancer as I had in my face. But as of now, it looks to be all clear. Yes, they got it in my chest as well. The doctors now have me on a drug to build-up my Immun system. They say I’ll be on this for not less than two years. Also, I will be under their care for no less than 5 years. They tell me if I can make it to five years without any more cancer then I get to say I won. Not sure what that means. Will I be dead in five or is something other going on. I will try to keep you more up to date on what is going. Keep the praying going and may the one and only God bless you and your family.


Well we made it to 2020. I still have to see the doctor and get an X-ray to make sure it is all gone. But I don’t do any of this till the end of January. Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I just ask to keep it coming.


WOW! It’s been all most a month and I’m sorry for not posting sooner. I know some of you are following the story of my life with cancer to see if I get better and if I’ll give up on God. Let me answer the second part first. NO, I’ll never give up on God or his son Jesus. They never gave up on me why would I give up on them.

Now on to the update. It’s been a week after I finished my Chemo and Radiation. I have a small burn on my neck from the radiation but, overall I’m feeling good. I’ll check in with the doctors about mid-December and again around the same time in January. By then they will give me an all-clear or tell me the next step. But with God and your prayers, I  know it will be just what God wants for my life.

Again I want to thank everyone for their prayers and well wishes. As we go into this time of all the rush for the holidays, keep in mind the reason for them. Thanks Giving = All the blessings God has given us this year. I can’t even count the number of blessing He has given me this year. Christmas = The birth of Jesus our Lord. And yes even New Year = a time to ask for God’s blessing for the year before us and thanks for bringing us thru the last one safe.


Well I have about two more weeks of chemo and radiation. I’m still feeling good, all be it a bit tired. I’m also down to around 170 pounds. But I hope to put some of that back on this holiday season. I’m living in a good Christian based program and like living there. The food is getting better everyday. I’m cooking more and eating thing foods I like. I’ll soon be putting out my yearly Christmas music blog. I think you will all enjoy it. I hope you do. I’ll add more soon. God bless till then.


Well  I have found a new place. It is in central Phoenix. It is a faith based program for men who have been thru a sober program. It will let me go thru my medical and work on my health and well being. And I thank our God for a wonderful place like this. I should be here till around the first of the year. So hopefully I’ll be able to work on the things I wanted to for my 2019 new life. Of course, my food in take is still not what I want it to be. Yes I’m still on very soft food. But is getting better every day. And I will get back to eating all of the good stuff. My speech therapy is going well. She say I should sing as much as I can. But I think I still sound funny. God willing I’ll be going into a studio after the first of the year to start work on my C.D.

I thank you all for your prayers and well wishes. I’ll be giving you all up dates as time goes on.  This is my new normal. And I’ll live thru it.

An up date on my health. My face is starting to look more normal. I still have to go thru chemo and radiation. But they tell me it will only need to be low levels. The part that sucks is that it will take 7 weeks. I know that some of the time I’m going to not feel like doing anything but God will give me the power to make it thru what I need to.



This was going to be my turning year. 2019 started out on a high note. I was the new manage of a men’s sober home. And I felt good that I was doing God’s work.

Then as summer came, I found that I could not eat like I used to. That is when I found out that I had cancer of the mouth and face. The doctor said I had around two months to live. I was OK with that. That is because I now had something to fight.

I went into the hospital on July 30, 2019. The doctors pealed my face apart and got the cancer. They told me I would have to go for radiation. Then came the news that I would also have to do chemo. And I was still OK. As I was still in for the fight.

Then only two weeks after I was out of the hospital I was told I was being let go as the house manager of the men’s house. Now that would not be so bad, but it also meant that I’m also losing my place to live.

I have not started my chemo or radiation. But now as I start to go thru this I have to move. Not only move but I have to find a place to move to. This thing of fighting the cancer is hard enough. But to have to find a place to live and to move there. I just don’t know.

I’m still on a tube feeding system. That means that I take all my food thru a tube in my gut. I pump liquid in the tube and that is how I eat.

So, like I said this was going to be my turning point. I was going to start taking better care of myself. Stop smoking, start working out. Not in a big way to start just taking a walk, then see what happens. Eat better too. Things like salads, chicken, fish, stake. But stay away from fried food, and all the fast food too. The biggest thing was I was going to spend my money on dressing better.

I also wanted to spend more time working on my music CD, my singing, and on my DJing. I was going to cut my work hours to spend more time on helping other and get some place in my life or what I have left of it.

The doctors say that if I do the radiation and the chemo I’ll have a better that 72% chance of beating the cancer fully. And I should still have many good years in front of me. But now…

And then six days after I was told that I’m no longer the manager I’m told that I only have six more days to move.

I just don’t know what I’m going to do. I know that God has it under control, but I wish he would keep me in the loop.

The one other thing I wanted to do was find a church I can fall in love with and sing at and help in what ever way God wants me to.

But as I said I don’t know what I’m going to do now.

Right now, I’m scared about all this. I’m still in for the fight of and for my life. But now I have to go thru all of this with no place to live.

Right now I need the fallowing,

A place to live, some place like a small one bed room that I can work at. Also, a place that my nurses, speech and physical therapist can come to so they can help me get back to normal. Or as normal as I ever was.