I Am So Glad To Pass This On To You!

As some of you may know I come from a musical family. My Mom sang in the church choir, Dad sang in the choir and a men’s quartet. He also sang many solos over the years. If you look as the slides go by you will see his name as it shows “Side 1” of the 4 sides. His name is Mel Slaton. It is in two places,  once for his solo on “This Old House” and as one of the quartet members on the song “Feelin’ Mighty Fine”. He and Mom are also in the song playing in this video. I hope to add more of my Dad’s songs here on my site in the weeks to come.

Some of you may know the song from the “Man of La Moncha”. It has been one of my favorite songs as long back as this. I pray you enjoy it as much as I did bringing it to you. So here now from 1968, are the Ron Patty Singers with “The Impossible Dream.”



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