Entertainment Is Full Of It.

There are so many funny stories in entertainment, that we don’t need to make them up. One such story is how did the cartoon dog Scooby Doo get his name. Well as the story goes the man who created the cartoon was trying to come up with a name for a dog in the show. As luck would have it the man was listening  to his records. A song called ‘Strangers in the Night’ came on. At the end of the song the singer started to do a jazz thing called scatting. The singer sang the line “Scooby Dooy Doo. Da Dee Da. La Da Dee Da.” The man listening felt that was it, the new dog had it’s name.  That man was  Fred Silverman, who at the time was the head of children programming for CBS. He came up with the character’s name from the scat line in the Frank Sinatra song “Strangers in the Night”. Like I said we have so many funny stories we don’t have to make them up. Who would thing that a grate singer like Fran Sinatra would be where we get the name for one of the best loved dogs of all time. Now as I can I will add more stories                                                                                      like this. If you thing they are fun let me know in the contact section.                                                                                      I’d love to hear from you.



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