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This video touched me so much. It made me want to rise up. The feeling in it is so moving that I had to share it here with you. It shows that love is stronger than anything in the world. That color, race, country, bank account, or place in the world does not matter. We all want to have that help and know that others are there with us. And to know you have the strength to keep moving up. SO RISE UP each day. And say “Good morning God. With you and love I’m back at it.” To know that God is on our side, helps us all to rise up. When you are down and wonder if it is all worth the next step in life, remember this song and video. Sometimes we all feel like we are the only one in our fight. But God is there and if you ask you may just fined someone who has been in the fight your going thru. That is what all the self help and anonymous groups are all about. So keep fighting and rise up each time you get knocked down.

Our world is full of stories of people who have been knocked down and that got back up. Christopher Reeve, Joan of Ark, the Jews and I can not leave out Jesus the Christ. How many times have you known of people with a life changing illness and though “Hell what does he have to live for?” But yet they got up every day and did what ever it takes to¬† keep going. People in wheel chairs.

I will never forget the time I was in a park talking to a friend of mine. I was whining over some small things in my life. My friend was smiling the hole time. And it was starting to piss me off. So I looked at him and said what is so funny. He pointed behind me so I turned around. And there was a mom pushing a stroller up the hill. The thing was she had no legs. She was amputate, and was walking on false legs. Now here I was bitching  about my life and here was a woman making the best of her life as it was. So rise up and be all there is to be.

With music being what it is today I found this song to be a wonderful change. Keith and Carrie do such a good job with making us feel the love and the enjoyment of being around each other. More music has to be like this. It’s a love song that feels like one, in the old “I love you and I’m happy about it”. Give me more like this any day.