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Mark Cuban Stops Playing National Anthem At Dallas Mavericks Games

When will the dumb ass rich people of our country get it? We sing and play OUR National Anthem not for them but to remind us all of the men and women who gave it all so he can be a jack-ass! If it were not for people gave it all he would not have the right to even have a team. We as American’s need to let the stupid rich to get there heads out of their ass. Remember we the public pay your bills, buy your over priced tickets, and you still act like you know better than we do. Oh, and Mark I think the “Tank” needs a good cleaning, flushing you would be a good start.¬† But that’s just my feeling on it. Brian Slaton

I found this story on a site called “United News Week. I just wanted you to know and give the credit it should. Thank you to them for bring it forward in our world.

Dallas Maverick...

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In this section we will try to answer the most common questions asked about wedding receptions. We do not think you will find all the answers for everything in one place, but this should help you to get a handle on some of them. It will be a work in progress type of page. As we come up with the most up to date information we will put in here and change the things that need to be.

The biggest this at any wedding reception is HAVE FUN!!! It’s your day don’t let anyone tell you how to be. The saddest thing I hear is when I hear a mother or friend of the bride say “Oh you’ll love it if you…” Look if you don’t want to do it or don’t want it at your party then don’t have it. IT’S YOUR DAY. MAKE IT WHAT YOU AND YOUR GROOM WANT NOT WHAT THE OTHERS WANT. If you piss them off that’s on them...

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As some of you know a few years ago my dad passed away. He was a wonderful God-loving man. He sang for many years in a super quartet here in Phoenix. They were so good that they were asked at one point to sing at a Berry Goldwater event. Well, that was back in the 1960s.

There was back then a member who left to live and teach in a new state. And I don’t remember ever seeing him again. But I do remember him being a nice man and a good Christen.

Well, my dad passed away on my Christmas Eve of 2013. And to be truthful about it I had not fully given myself back over to God. I was still drinking a lot. But God was still listing to me. My crying and my prays.

You see I had been praying that this one person would be there for my dad’s funeral. I told no one about it, just between me and God...

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Stop it! Many of you are acting like childish brats. OH! I don’t like what happened so I’m going to beat up the other team. STOP IT! I voted for Trump. Like you, I was very sad when he did not win. And like you, I feel there were a lot of things that went on behind closed doors that should not have gone on. But trashing our Capital (by the way your tax money will be paying for that) and hurting and killing people, even the ones I don’t like is not the way to fix things. If you don’t want to play nice stay home and watch the crazy show on TV or YouTube or any of the other places it will be showing. But DO NOT GO AND TRY TO HURT PEOPLE. We can live with four years of sleepy Joe, and his racest¬† V.P. But we can not live with four years of killing each other over this...

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