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This is an Arizona UFO. Unidentified Frying Object.

My goodness I have heard that all my life. But it’s a dry heat. Do you know how stupid that is. So is your oven. I think before you can move to Phoenix you should have to sit in front of your oven on Thanksgiving day as the turkey cooks with the door open. If you can sit there for an hour and not move or bitch about the heat then you can move to Phoenix. Yes in the winter we have some of the most wonderful weather in the world. But in the summer it can be hell on earth. We have night time lows of a cool 100 degrees, and days of 115 or more for months. Cars break down and people die due to the heat every year. And they are people who know better...

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Ode to Arizona Just Added for Summer.

Just wanted to let you all know that we in Arizona know it's hot here. How hot, well just read this sweet little poem of someone how over did it. He 
thought he could handle it. But even he found out that Arizona is a very special place. Enjoy.

Ode to Arizona

The Devil wanted a place on earth.
Sort of a summer home:
A place to spend his vacation
Whenever he wanted to roam.

So he picked out Arizona.
A place both wretched and rough.
Here the climate was to his liking
And the cowboys were hardened and tough.

He dried up the streams in the canyons
and ordered no rain to fall:
He dried up the lakes in the valleys,
Then baked and scorched it all.

Then over his barren desert
He transplanted shrubs from Hell.
The cactus, thistle and prickly pear —
The climate suited them well.

Now, the home was m...

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